DreamHack Open Fall Live Odds

DreamHack Open Fall - Tournament Details

The DreamHack Open Fall Europe 2020 CSGO Regional Major Rankings (RMR) tournament will take place between 10th and 25th of October and  brings a $115,000 prize pool.

The event will be held exclusively online, seeing players participating from their own homes. The event will be broadcasted from the Monster Energy DreamHack Studio in Stockholm. DreamHack Open Fall Europe will award RMR points towards the next Valve Major.

Dream Hack Open Fall Format

16 teams will participate in the final stage of the tournament with 11 teams being  invited directly to this stage. Competitors will be placed in 4 GSL-style groups with four teams in each group.

Top two teams from each group will be seeded into the upper bracket of the playoffs. Third place in the groups will be seeded into the lower bracket of the playoffs. Fourth place in the groups will be eliminated.

Participating Teams