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Total Winnings: $1,506,000 | LOL
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Afreeca Freecs Overview

South Korea
Sponsors: Afreeca, Xenics, ABKO

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Afreeca Freecs is a Korean esports organization. The team is most famous for their LoL results but they also host teams in StarCraft 2, PUBG, Overwatch. 

Their streaming platform is AfreecaTV and their name was announced on December 29, 2015, as the new name of Rebels Anarchy. The organization announced on March 5th, 2018, AF Ares and AF Fatal as a replacement of AfreecaTV Ghost and AfreecaTV Snow teams.

In 2019 Afreeca Freecs won LoL’s tournament KeSPA Cup 2019 and in 2021 they end up in 13th place for PUBG Global Invitational.S 2021. 

Afreeca Freecs Major Results 


The organization’s LoL team had major rooster changes that will be discussed immediately, but these players changes helped the team won some amazing prizes. 

In the 2018 Season Afreeca replaced MaRin with talented toplaner Kiin from Ever8 Winners and also signed another AD carry. After a really good split with many good performances by especially TuSin and kurO they finished the Spring Split with a 13-5 record in 2nd place which already meant their highest playoff finish ever. In the semifinals, they faced KT Rolster who had a 13-5 regular-season record as well and managed to win the series 3-1. After that, they got dominated in the finals by Kingzone DragonX.

After that success, they once again kept the roster for Summer Split. They came into playoffs as clear underdogs as the other participants all had a 13-5 match record. In round 1 they swept Gen.G to face Kingzone in round 2. They managed to get their revenge against them by winning the series convincingly 3-1 but lost in a hard-fought series against newcomers Griffin in the semifinals. This earned them another 70 championship points which were barely enough to directly qualify for the World Championship as LCK’s 2nd seed.

Their performance at the 2018 World Championship was very disappointing for the Korean fans and the team themselves.

DateEvent NamePlaceWinings
21.10.20182018 World Championship5-8th$258,000
14.04.2018LCK Spring 20182nd$56,091
01.05.2020KeSPA Cup 20191st$34,604
18.08.2018LCK Summer 20183rd$26,680
28.08.2020LCK Summer 20204th$16,843


Afreeca Freecs’s PUBG’s team is getting stronger and stronger and as we can see, they will be unstoppable! 

Their first win was in 2019 at Seoul Cup OGN Supermatch 2019 where they won against DeToNator.KOREA a prize of $34,448 and then they kept on qualifying in national tournaments. They finished in the top ten in both Continental Series 2 and 3 and on the 13 place on the Global Invitational.S 2021 tournament.

DateEvent NamePlaceWinnings
28.03.2021PUBG Global Invitational.S 202113th$89,312
23.05.2021PUBG WEEKLY SERIES: EAST ASIA Phase 11st$39,014
22.12.2019Seoul Cup OGN Supermatch 20191st$34,448
24.01.2021PUBG WEEKLY SERIES: EAST ASIA Pre-Season1st$31,657
20.11.2020PUBG Continental Series 3: Asia6th$10,000

Afreeca Freecs Current Winnings

In terms of total winnings, AF has collected almost $1,506,000 US dollars from all the tournaments they participated in according to Esports Earnings

  • LoL Earnings: $500,000 (cca 33%)
  • PUBG Earnings: 190,000 (cca 12.5%)
  • Starcraft Earnings: $450,000 (cca 28%)

Afreeca Freecs’s Active Squads 

LOL Active Squad

 As mentioned before Afreeca Freecs’s rooster had a lot of changes. Kim Gi-in a.k.a Kiin has the most longevity in this team. He has joined the team in December 2017 and he is in the top 350 players in Korea. Kiin won around $72,000 from 14 tournaments he played in. 

Kiin (top)Kim Gi-in (김기인)
Dread (jungle)Lee Jin-hyeok (이진혁)
Fly (mid)Song Yong-jun (송용준)
Bang (bot)Bae Jun-sik (배준식)
Leo (bot)Han Gyeo-re (한겨레)
Lehends (support)Son Si-woo (손시우)
MapSSi (support)Kim Do-yeong (김도영)

PUBG 2 Active Squad

Afreeca Freecs’s PUBG’s most important player is Han Sia aka Hansia. His collaboration with the organization started in December 2019 and he is in the top 350 Pubg players in Korea. He participated in 12 tournaments where he made almost $68,000. 

Hansia Han Sia (한시아)
EJLee Jung-woo (이정우)
HikariKim Dong-hwan (김동환)
AkadLim Gwang-hyun (임광현)
R0whaLee Jae-ho (이재호)

Another important player to be mentioned is Jun “TY” Tae Yang, the best StarCraft II Player in this organization. He is in the top 15 players in Korea and he had won around $705,000 in the 145 tournaments he played.

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