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Fortnite Betting Odds

In the world of esports betting, Fortnite Odds are the new kid in the neighborhood. The inaugural season of the 2019 Fortnite World Cup, with a qualifier tournament that gathered an astounding 40 million participants, put the battle-royale title on the map for both esports bookmakers and punters.


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Esports News

And with top esports event organizers, such as Dreamhack, including Fortnite on their premier-tier tournament list with prizes to match, Fortnite Betting Odds became a regular presence at most online sportsbooks.

Fortnite as an esport

The history of Fortnite as an esport began in 2018 when Epic casually announced they will create a $100 million Fortnite esports prize pool, and the launch of a series of events targeting streamers called “Summer Skirmish” each event with $250,000 in total prizes.

One year later, in 2019 Epic Games organized the first edition of the Fortnite World Cup. The event became one of the largest esports tournaments in history with vver 40 million players participating. The grand finals, organized in New York City had a $30 million prize pool for the Solo and Duos Finals, a $3 million Creative Finals and a $3 million Charity Pro-Am prize pool.

The Fortnite World Cup took place over 10 weeks of play of $1 million Online Open Qualifiers with more than 200 countries taking part. The winner of the first Solo Fortnite World Cup was Bugha (@bugha) who collected $3,000,000 in prizes. The winners of the Duo Grand Finals were Aqua (@aquaa) and Nyhrox (@nyhrox).

In 2020, Fortnite esports moved entirely online with the launch of the several competitions for both solo players and teams, the biggest of them being the Fortnite Champion Series.

Types of Fortnite odds

The types of Fortnite Betting Odds you can find online today are pretty much the same as those offered for other esports or traditional sports. Based on the region you’re in, bookmakers may offer odds in the decimal, fractional or american format. Although the name is different all these odds are basically the same and in no way, influence the payouts. Here the various types of odds explained:

Decimal Odds

If you’re living in Europe, chances are, these are the most common odds you’ll encounter online. That’s why they’re also called European odds. There’s a reason why  decimal odds are becoming more and more popular. Even for the inexperienced punter, these odds are easy to use for both calculating the potential winnings and the probability,

To calculate probability using decimal odds, all you have to do is divide 100 by a chance expressed in a percentage. For the geek in you, this will look like this:

Probability % = (1 / decimal odds) * 100


  • Probability for 7.54 odds: (1 / 7.54) *100 = 13.26% chance
  • Probability for 1.2 odds: (1 / 1.2) *100 = 83% chance

To calculate the potential winnings all you need to do is multiply the stake with the odds:

Potential winnings = stake * decimal odds

Examples of for a $10 stake:

  • Odds of 8.54 mean $85.40 potential winnings
  • Odds of 1.5 mean $15 potential winnings

American Odds on Fortnite

Move across the Atlantic to the US, and betting on Fortnite means you’ll most likely encounter a version of online odds called American Odds. These types of odds are expressed as a number either with a plus sign (+) for underdogs or negative sign (-) for favourites. Applied to Fortnite, this might look something like this:

  • Odds for Mixer Ship: – 720
  • Odds for Tyler “Ninja” Blevins: +235

To calculate probability and potential winnings on your Fortnite bets using American odds you will have to use a separate mathematical formula for the favourites and underdogs.

To calculate potential profit:

For positive odds: Potential Profit = Stake X (Odds/100)

For negative odds: Potential Profit = Stake / (Odds/100)

To calculate probability:

For positive odds: 100 / (Positive Odds + 100) * 100 = % Probability

For negative odds:Negative Odds / (Negative Odds + 100) * 100 = % Probability

If this looks somewhat more complicated than using the Decimal odds ratio, fear not. Most online bookmakers today will offer you the possibility to choose how the odds are displayed.

Fractional Odds

A third type of Fortnite Odds you might encounter online is the Fractional Odds. As the name implies these odds are expressed as a fraction, ie: 8/3 or 7/1/. Fractional odds are usually associated with horse betting but it’s not uncommon for bookies to use them for other types of wagers. As with American or Decimal, Fractional odds have their own formulas used to calculate probabilities and potential winnings.

To better understand how the formula is built let’s use letters and turn 8/3 into X/Y.

The formula to see the probability of an event to happen (as imagined by the bookmaker) is:

Probability (%) = Y / (X+Y)*100

Here’s how that looks like for a Fortnite player with 8/3 odds to win the match and for another with 2/7 odds.

  • 3 / (8+3) * 100 = 27.27% Probability
  • 7 / (2+7) * 100 = 77.77% Probability

The formula to see the potential returns can be extracted from the actual odds like this:

  • Odds of 8/3 mean you would stand to make $8 profit for a $3 bet.
  • Odds of 2/7 mean that you would make $2 profit on a $7 bet.

Understanding the correlation explained above it also makes it very easy to understand who’s considered the favourite by the bookmaker.

Betting Online on Fortnite

You can bet on the Match Winner, either on a team or individual player, bet on the outcome of the entire tournament or just on that of a specific game. Additionally, bookmakers might offer odds for props bets. Prop bets are stakes on various events that can take place during a tournament or match.

Unlike Winner bets, these types of wagers are not related to the outcome of a match but rather on specific elements such as which duo team will come in the top three of a tournament or will score the most kills. Here’s the most common type of Fortnite odds you can encounter online:

Odds for Moneyline Bets

These are the most straightforward and easy to understand Fortnite Odds.They are also the one we cover in our comparison tables. Sometimes called Straight-up or a Simple bet, this type of wagers only requires you to pick the match winner. If you think Dakotaz is going to take it all, you would place a straight-up bet on him.That is a Moneyline bet.

Odds for Combination Bets

Combination wagers are a type of bet that contains at least two unique, unrelated wagers – this means betting on two separate matches or on two distinct variables from the same match (ex: betting on the winner of the 1st match and the total number of kills).

These are considered the “all or nothing” wager as when placing a combination bet, you only win if you guessed correctly the outcome of ALL the individual wagers. Due to the higher risk involved, combination bets have higher potential returns compared to a Moneyline bet. To calculate the final odds for our combination bet you have to multiply all the individual betting odds in your betslip.

Odds for System Bets

System bets are a mix between Combinations and Singles bets in the sense that they allow the placement of multiple bets at the same time but remove the “all or nothing” risk. With system bets you can still even if not all wagers are successful as long as most of them do. To learn more about system bets and see an actual example of how that works visit our System Bets guide.

What are the official Fortnite events?

In 2019, the inaugural Fortnite World Cup took the world by surprise as one of the most significant esports events of the year. Offering over $40 million in prize money and bringing together over 2.3 million people who watched the action live, the massive event is sure to have a comeback this year.

Until then, smaller Fortnite tournaments will most likely take place online – such as the Twitch Rivals series or as part of larger offline events such as Dreamhack.

Bookies that offer Fortnite Odds


Solid reputation as an esports scene supporter, GG.Bet Esports Casino focuses mainly on esports, but recently added slots to their offering. Additionally, this bookmaker features one of the largest selections of esports titles and, if you’re into crypto, you can even use bitcoins to bet.


Thunderpick offers one of the best welcome bonuses while being 100% dedicated to esports punters. And if you think things can’t get any better, learn that this bookmaker also operates a mutual betting system or a pool betting system, which allows you to bet against other players.

How to bet on Fortnite

  1. Login or Open an account with one of the online bookmakers offering Fortnite Odds using a genuine email address.
  2. Check your inbox for the  verification email.
  3. Login into your account and make your first deposit.
  4. Look for the game  you want to bet on and pick your winner.
  5. Choose the sum you want to bet.
  6. Place your wager and wait for the match result.

Where to find Fortnite Betting Odds?

You can find Fortnite Odds at most online bookmakers out there… as long as there’s an ongoing tournament or league. Still new to the esports scene, Fortnite has yet to reach the level where Epic Games-powered leagues or tournaments take place regularly.

Regular events such as the Twitch Rivals Super Games or the inclusion of Fortnite tournaments into bigger esports events such as Dreamhack, are making their way into all major bookmakers so keep your eyes open. Here’s some of the places you’re likely to find Fortnite Odds!

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Fortnite FAQ

Is betting on Fortnite legal?

Betting on Fortnite is legal in most countries except the US. In the rest of the world, it's safe to consider Fortnite betting legal as long as the bookmaker you picked holds a proper gambling license and is allowed to operate in your jurisdiction.

Is Fortnite dying as an esport?

Fortnite just had it's inaugural Fortnite World Cup in 2019, so considering it a dead esport title is a bit premature. Dreamhack included Fortnite in their Anaheim event in 2020 while online, the Twitch Rivals Series gathers million of viewers each month.

What are the best Fortnite players in the world?

As with every other esport title, rankings change quite often so whoever is considered number one today, might drop out of the top tomorrow. Nonetheless, there are players who made a lasting impact on the game. Here are some of their names:


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