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LOL Betting Odds

Good League of Legends Odds are never hard to find! Powered by an astonishing global circuit of regional events and national leagues backed by Riot Games and with more and more sportsbooks including the esport in their offering, betting on LOL tournaments was never this easy!

Use the LOL odds comparison tool below to compare League of Legends odds and get a side-by-side view of all the current LOL matches from the top League of Legends gambling sites.


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Find the best LOL Betting Odds

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Types of LOL Betting Odds

Comparing League of Legends odds is the simplest and fastest way to find the best places to bet for the highest returns possible.

Use the table above to compare LOL odds and get a side-by-side view of all the current LOL matches from the top bookmakers.

Additionally, we added a direct link to their registration page for a quick setup of your account. Once there, you’ll have to choose between two types of LOL Odds:

Pre-match League of Legends Odds

Pre-match LOL odds are the standard types of odds offered by all bookmakers. These are the ones you can compare using our tool above.

As the name implies, pre-match odds are available only until the match or event starts. They are easy to understand and should be the ones you chose if you’re new at LOL betting as they have two main benefits.

First, it allows you to understand immediately what team is considered favourite to win the match and second, it’s easy you can calculate your potential winnings if you chose to bet on them.

Live Betting LoL Odds

Live betting LOL Odds are the odds that the bookmaker will make available after the match has started and will remain active until a few minutes before the match ends. Some professional bettors prefer live betting odds as they tend to reflect better the current team form. And thus, tend to have a better chance of predicting the outcome of the match.

If in the case of pre-match odds, a bookmaker will take into account, when creating the odds, things such as past team performance, confrontation history, injuries and so on, for live betting odds is what happens during the match that affects the odds. Because of this, live betting odds tend to fluctuate a lot and require a more in-depth knowledge on esports betting.

League Of Legends as an esport

Things have changed quite a lot since that first Atari Space Invaders tournament held in the 1980 which was considered (for quite some time) the first major competitive gaming event – with 10,000 participants.

Today, millions of gamers tune it to Twitch or YouTube to watch their favorite LOL teams such as Cloud 9, Liquid, or Fnatic compete for millions of dollars in arenas with tens of thousands of attendees.

League of Legends is one of the titles that was at the forefront of the second wave of games that pushed the esports scene to where it is today.

With a player-base that has only grown in the past years and today reaches over 120 millions players, LOL is one the top 3 titles you can bet on today and a players’ favorite thanks to its unique betting options.

How are LOL tournaments organized?

Since its release in 2009, League of Legends has had a constant growth and today it has one of the most active communities and boasts one of the largest and well organized league systems in the world of esports.

The official League of Legends esports tournaments are organized as regional leagues consisting of two splits, usually a Spring and Summer, with each being separated into a regular group season and a playoff.

Each year, the top three teams will get a chance to play in the World Championship – a 28 team event ( 12 in the Play-in stage and 16 in the Group stage) taking place offline in a traditional sports arena. In 2018, the event took place in Seoul and offered a total prize pool of $6,450,000 USD with over $2.4M for the tournament winner.

Additionally, between the two splits, teams can participate in the Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) a tournament featuring the Spring Split champions of all regions.

What are the official LOL Leagues you can bet on?

There are 13 professional leagues around the world supported by RIOT, each featuring between 6 and 14 competing teams, that since 2019 are considered permanent partners of the league. These are:League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) – North America

Additionally, each region also features dozens of smaller leagues or tournaments, either at a professional, semi-professional or amateur level.

Types of LOL Bets you can compare

Depending on the bookmaker you choose to play at, there are several wagers that you make when betting on a League of Legends Match. These are:

Winner / Moneyline Bet

This is the most basic type of bets you can compare that follows the traditional 1X2 options. Simply put, in a moneyline bet you wager on the Winner of the match, one of the two competing teams (1 or 2) or in some cases, bet on a Draw (x).

Handicap Bet

A handicap bet is a special type of wager that is offered by the bookmaker when one of the teams or players is heavily favoured over their opponents. For example let’s assume a BO5 match between Fnatic and Team Liquid, with Fnatic considered favourites. A bookmaker might give team Liquid a 1 – 0 handicap, which means that literally the game starts with Liquid already securing 1 match victory.

Totals / Over / Under Maps Bet

Totals or the Over / Under bets are wagers placed on the total number of maps played. The purpose of this bet is not to wager on the match winner but to predict the outcome of a game variable, in this case – the number of TOTAL maps used during the match.

The bookmakers will offer you the option of whether the total maps played will be either OVER or UNDER their assessment of the game. In LOL, this type of bet is also associated with Kills.

Correct Map Score

As the name suggest this represents betting on the final number of map victories. In a Best out of 5 match, the option will be 3-0, 3-1, 3-2 or their counterpart for the other team.

First Blood Bet

A First Blood wager represents a bet on the team that will score the first kill of the match. This can be offered by the bookmaker either a simple form, covering the entire confrontation or for each map / round of the match.

Odd / Even Bet

Some bookmakers, such as GG.Bet will offer their players the chance of placing Odd or Even League Of Legends bets, either in association with Maps or Total Kills. This means that
you will be betting on the total amount of maps or kills recorded during a match is an even or odd number.

How to Bet on League of Legends

Betting on League of Legends is as simple and straightforward as betting on traditional sports or any other event offered by a sportsbook or casino online. Here are the main steps that you’ll have to take in order to place a LOL bet online.

This might differ from operator to operator, so make sure you familiarize yourself with the Terms and Conditions before setting up a new account.

Also, although they look mighty attractive we would recommend you staying away from any welcome bonuses and welcome offers as they will make difficult any potential withdrawals due to the corresponding wagering requirements.

1. Register an account using your email address or sign in through Steam, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
Some operators allow you to sign up to their platform using a social account. To speed things up this might prove useful, but we don’t recommend it as a primary method of registering an account as it means it will also give access to the social network used to your data.

2. Look for a verification or confirmation email in your inbox and click on the link in that email
Due to regulations and compliance measures, all respectable sportsbooks or bookmakers will need to confirm the identity of their players.

3. Make a deposit using one of the payment methods available
You can’t bet without any funds so the next step after confirming your identity is to deposit some playing funds.

4. Select the match and team you want to bet on
Navigate to the section that contains the League of Legends match you want to bet on and, if multiple bets options are provided, select the one that suits you. If this is your first time betting online, we would recommend sticking to simple, moneyline bets. Remember to check our table one more time and compare the LOL odds offered to make sure they haven’t changed in the meantime.

5. Choose the amount you want to bet
Once the wager option is selected, a betslip containing your selection should pop-up in the bottom right corner or on the right side of your screen. This betslip contains all the wagers you selected and it gives you the option to change, remove and even combine bets.

6. Confirm your bet and wait for the match result
After you’re done betting around all you have to do is place your bets and wait for the matches to end. Simple, right?

Gambling Sites that offer LOL bets

With the ever-expanding popularity of esports betting, more and more online casinos and sportsbooks are offering esports wagers to their players. To help things out, we thought a fast way to compare lol odds would benefit any punter so we went ahead and built it.

You can find some of the most popular of the bookmakers down below. But for a bit more details about their offering on lol odds, promotions and welcome bonuses you can check the review pages.

Top 5 LOL real money betting sites

BookmakerReasonClaim your Bonus
ThunderpickThunderpick offers one of the best welcome bonuses while being 100% dedicated to esports punters. And if you think things can’t get any better, learn that this bookmaker also operates a mutual betting system or a pool betting system which allows you to bet against other players.Play Here
GG.betSolid reputation as an esports scene supporter, GG.Bet Esports Casino focuses mainly on esports but recently added slots to their offering. Additionally, this bookmakers features one of the largest selections of esports titles and, if you’re into crypto, you can even use bitcoins to bet. Play Here
UnibetPart of the massive Kindred network of casinos, Unibet welcomes new players with a money-back offer and a full range of games to bet on, including Rocket League and NBA 2K. One of the largest and most reputable bookmakers on the market, Unibet is definitely worth checking out. Play Here
BetWinnerBetWinner has an amazing Welcome Bonus, plus different kind of promotions all year around. You can bet on over 20 esports titles, many competitions and players. The payment options range from simple bank transfers to crypto. Play Here
bet-at-homeBet-at-home’s Welcome Bonus is a 50% deposit match bonus up to €200, in free bets. When you make your first deposit, you can choose to use the Welcome Bonus. Give it a try if you want to wager with small amouts, or learn a friendly-user website.Play Here

List of LOL Best Players in 2022


Lee “Faker” Sang Hyeok is known for his hyper-aggressive play-style in the mid-lane, and is considered by many to be the best League of Legends player of all time. He mostly plays Ahri, Fizz, LeBlanc, Orianna and Zed for T1. Faker is referred to as  “The Unkillable Demon King” by some of his Korean fans.

His career in esports started in February 2013,when SK Telecom revealed a League of Legends team composed of Impact, bengi, Piglet and PoohManDu, with Faker in the mid-lane. 

Faker has won 3 World Championships (2013, 2015, 2016) and 2 Mid-Season Invitationals (2016, 2017), and has 9 combined LCK and Champions Korea titles. He has the largest income in esports in Korea, around $1,300,000. 


Lee “Scout” Ye Chan was the centre of attention at League of Legends’ World Championship 2021. He is the one who carried EDward Gaming, the match that won the World Champion title. Scout also plays as a mid-laner.

At the 2021 World Championship, his team finished second place in their group, after that they won against RNG and GEN.G, allowing EDG to advance to the World Championship final for the first time in their history. 

They enter the finals as the underdog but managed to win Game 1, Game 4 and fought like champions. They won Worlds Championship 2021 and Scout was named the MPV for his amazing performance in the finals.  

Scout’s total earnings from esports are around $400,000 US Dollars.


Heo “ShowMaker” Su is another promising mid-laner, who dominated LCK 2021. He has the highest KDA of all known mid-laners and plays for DAMWON Gaming. 

ShowMaker is a real thread to Scout and Faker because his overall performance is stronger and gets better than theirs. He was named The Best Performing Mid-Laner of 2021. 

Alongside his team, he won both LCK Summer and Spring in 2021, 2020 World Championship, LCK Summer 2020 and many other championships. His total money earned from prizes is around $400,000. 


Rasmus “Caps” Winter is a Danish player who is currently playing as a Mid-laner for G2 Esports. He is considered by many the best European League of Legends player. 

His total income from esports is around $500,000. 

G2 won both EU LCS Summer and Spring splits in 2018, both LEC Summer and Spring splits in 2019 and 2022. They finished on the second place Worlds Championship in 2018. 


Song “Rookie” Eui-jin is a South Korean player who is currently Victory Five’s Mid-laner.  His signature LoL picks are Orianna and Syndra.

In 2013, Rookie signed onto his first team, KT Rolster Arrows. The team had an amazing start and finished 5-8th at Champions Spring 2014 and finishing 1st during Champions Summer 2014. However, the team cannot qualify for World 2014 because Rookie was a minor. 

In 2014, Rookie was assigned to play for team Invictus Gaming’s rooster and in 2021 he went to  Victory Five. 

Some of his best performances were at: Worlds 2018, where his team dominated the semifinals and won the championship, LPL Spring 2019, Demacia Cup Winter 2018, 2019 World Championship.

Best LoL Streamers in 2022

According to Twitch metrics, there are LOL streamers with over 2 million followers in March 2022. 

We will present you down below the Top 5 Twitch LoL Streamers with the most followers. 

Of course no. 1 is actually the official Riot Games account with 6,041,034 followers, but we’ll keep it just in our minds, not in our statistics. 

Twitch NameFollowersTime Watched
loltyler14,800,7687,758,727 viewer hours
Faker3,795,7691,250,642 viewer hours
coscu3,385,733473,682 viewer hours
Gosu1,955,022878,665 viewer hours
Doublelift1,658,1231,375,068 viewer hours

Tyler Steinkamp aka Tyler1/loltyler1 is one of the most known LoL player and streamer. His energetic personality and controversies made him the most followed LoL streamers in 2022. He is not playing in any esports teams, because of his toxic behaviours. 

In February 2022, Tyler1 successfully reached top rank Challenger in every LOL role. His goal to become a Challenger in every League role by playing in solo queue began two years ago, and now it’s done.

Moreover, he used different accounts, starting from the bottom each time. He started playing as AD Cary, and finished by reaching the rank as support. 

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LoL Betting Odds FAQs

Is betting on LOL legit?

Yes, betting on LOL is 100% legal as long as betting online is accepted in your country of residence. As one of the most popular esports today, betting on League of Legends has become available on almost every reputable bookmaker. That being said, if you're considering placing a wager on you favourite League of Legends team, all you need to check is that online gambling is allowed in your jurisdiction and that the sportsbook you chose holds a valid gambling license.

Can you bet live on League of Legends?

Yes, live betting on LOL matches and tournaments is a type of wagering offered by more and more sportbooks. With the advancements in streaming technology and the rise of online audiences for big events such as the yearly Worlds Finals, the ability to bet on your favourite teams while watching the game is now here. To bet live on League of Legends all you need to do find a bookmaker that offers live bets. Rivalry, Thunderpick or GG.BET are some solid choices.

Where can I bet on League of Legends?

All major online sportsbooks offer LOL Odds today. So if you're looking to bet on the latest LEC or LCS matches, any reputable online bookmaker, with a valid gambling license in your country will do.

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