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What are System Bets?

The Esports Bet Slip - System Bets

System bets are a mix of singles and combinations bets that allow players to bet on multiple outcomes and win even if not all the selections are correct.

What you’ll learn from this guide:

Understanding the System Bet

The system bet removes the “all or nothing” approach of the combination but it increases the total number of wagers you have to place by grouping selections into “systems”.

System bets become available on the bet slip once a minimum selection of three wagers has been made.

To help you better understand a system bet and the strategies behind we came up with an example for a 2 / 3 system bet.

This type of system bet is a favourite among bettors as it allows you to make three wagers but still win even if only two of your three predictions come true.

Let’s imagine an esport tournament where Astralis (odds 3.5), FaZe (odds 2.6) and Fnatic (odds 2.8) are all considered favourites so you place a €1 Winner Bet on each for a total bet of €3. In a 2/3 system the following combinations of doubles will come up:

  • Pair 1: Win for Astralis and FaZe
  • Pair 2: Win for Astralis and Fnatic
  • Pair 3: Win for FaZe and Fnatic

Let’s say the matches unfold and Astralis loses their match but Fnatic and FaZe win. This means that out of the three pairs of doubles shown above only the last one is correct but we still win because 2 of our 3 chosen teams won.

To calculate your winnings simply multiply your wager with the odds of the winning teams. In our case this will be: 1 x 2.6 x 2.8 = €7.28. If we deduct our initial €3 wager we made a profit of €4.28.

How is this more advantageous for you? Well let’s take the exact same matches, teams and odds but this time, instead of placing a system bet you went and played it as singles.

With the same outcome and the same initial wagers the situation would look like this:

  • €1 on Astralis (odds 3.5) – Loss
  • €1 on FaZe (odds 2.6) – Win
  • €1 on Fnatic (odds 2.8) – Win

Your payouts in this situation will be (1 x 2.6) + (1 x 2.8) = €5.4. That means a profit of only €2.4 above your initial €3 wager.

Why would anyone choose singles over system then, you might ask? Well, the answer is pretty straightforward and it has to do with math.

System bets such as the one above work well in association with high or very high odds.

Don’t believe us?

Try to replicate the examples above with the following odds: Astralis (odds 1.5), FaZe (odds 1.6) and Fnatic (odds 1.8).

How do Esports System Bets look?

If you’re concerned about how complicated system bets appear you’ll be happy to know that today, all esports bookmakers have automated most of the processes and math behind your bets.

The bet slip itself will calculate your potential returns for each type of bet be it Singles, Combination or System. All you have to do is select the systems and decide on a wager.

Esports Bet Slip - System Bets

Types of System Bets

And because all this math made things boring, bookies decided at one point to come up with some fancy names for all these systems and variations. To make it simpler, we grouped them all together based on the amount of matches selected.

System Bets for 3 Picks:

  • 2/3 (3 bets)
  • Patent (7 bets)
  • Trixie (4 bets)
The System Bets for 3 Picks

System Bets for 4 Picks:

  • 3/4 (4 bets)
  • 2/4 (6 bets)
  • Lucky 15 (15 bets)
  • Yankee (11 bets)
The system Bets for 4 Picks

System Bets for 5 Picks:

  • 4/5 (5 bets)
  • 3/5 (10 bets)
  • 2/5 (10 bets)
  • Lucky 31(31 bets)
  • Canadian (26 bets)
The System Bets for 5 Picks

System Bets for 6 Picks:

  • 5/6 (6 bets)
  • 4/6 (15 bets)
  • 3/6 (20 bets)
  • 2/6 (15 bets)
  • Lucky 63 (63 bets)
  • Heinz (57 bets)
The System Bets for 6 Picks

System Bets for 7 Picks:

  • 6/7 (7 bets)
  • 5/7 (21 bets)
  • 4/7 (35 bets)
  • 3/7 (35 bets)
  • 2/7 (21 bets)
  • Sup Heinz (120 bets)
The System Bets for 7 Picks

System Bets for 8 Picks:

  • 7/8 (8 bets)
  • 6/8 (28 bets)
  • 5/8 (56 bets)
  • 4/8 (70 bets)
  • 3/8 (56 bets)
  • 2/8 (28 bets)
  • Goliath (247 bets)
The System Bets for 8 Picks

Recap on the Pros and Cons of System Bets

Now that you know what you’re dealing with let’s recap the pros and cons of system bets:


When the odds are in your favor, a system bet can bring you higher winnings compared to a singles bet. More advantageous than a Combinations bet as it will allow you to win even if not all your predictions were accurate. 

System betting also allows you to try different strategies and types of esports betting. It makes you think smart, uses all of the combinations that suit you, and allows you to make a good strategy.

It has a lower losing risk than accumulator or parlay bets. Accumulator or parlay bets can bring you a  lot of money if all of your picks are correct, but they are extremely risky. System bets use combining bets, so you don’t need to win each one of them in order to win. 

If you place parlay bets, you will win only if all of your bets are correct. System bets don’t work like that. You will still get a return if you have at least two correct bets. 

And last but least, the maximum winning limit is higher than single bets. 


Not easy to understand or master, especially if you’re new to esports betting. 

You will have to do a higher investment than you would probably be expected. When you place system bets, there is a larger number of wagers compared to a single bet. 

You need to know a bit of math and have a bit of experience. The system bets are not easy so they are not that “beginner-friendly”. Picking the right predictions needs a bit of research and time invested. 

Even if you get a return for your two correct bets, you still might not cover the stake. Before making a system bet you have to think if the lowest income you’ll make on this bet, will pay out the money you put in. 

Some bookmakers often do not allow you to use the Welcome Bonus for system betting. Make sure you read the terms and conditions about the bonuses before trying this.

Not sure System bets are for you? Don’t worry, we don’t fancy them either. We’re more of a Singles-type of geeks.

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System bets FAQs

Can I use System Bets as a beginner?

Yes, you can, but you need to do a lot of research, math and be patient. This type of betting it’s not the easiest, but it is pretty safe to use.

Can I lose a system bet?

If you have at least two of the predictions correctly, you win. The bigger the number of correct guesses, the greater the winning, but if you fail to make at least two predictions or just don’t meet the system criteria, you lose.

What is the easiest bet to win in esports?

Whether you want to bet on esports or any other sports, single bets are the easiest bets to win and to begin with.

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