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CSGO Betting Odds

CSGO Odds are, without a doubt, the most popular and sought-after types of odds among players. With a history rooted in skin-betting, betting on CSGO today is as popular as betting on traditional sports, and events such as IEM Katowice or ESL One Cologne are genuine rivals to the CL Final.


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Find the best CSGO Betting Odds

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CS:GO became the esports phenomenon it is today thanks to some great new features, an improved game play and the introduction of the matchmaking system.

Today, almost all  online sports books offer CSGO wagers to they players so finding the best odds can be a hassle. Luckily  for you, we’re here to solve this.

CSGO Match Betting – Pre-match & Live

Counter Strike is our favourite esport title to bet on but with the ever-increasing popularity of the game and more and more bookmakers including it in their offer, it became a hassle to find the best odds for our bets.

So we thought a dedicated tool that allows us to compare CSGO odds quick and easy is the best thing to have around. There are two types of CSGO odds: pre-match and live odds. Our comparison tools covers the former.

Pre-match CSGO Odds

Pre-match CSGO odds are the most common type of Counter Strike Odds offered by bookmakers. These are the odds that you can compare using our tool above. Wagering on pre-match odds has it benefits, especially if you’re new at CSGO betting.

Pre-match odds allows you to see who’s considered favourite to win or how close the bookmaker thinks the confrontation will be. In compiling these type of odds, traders take int account previous team performances, results for matches between the two teams, injuries, current for and a multitude of other criteria.

Live Counter-Strike Odds

Live CSGO Odds are those active after the match has started and active for its entire duration. This means that once the game has started, odds for the competing teams will fluctuate based on how the match unfolds.

Dignitas was considered favourite at the beginning of the match but is now considerably behind? The odds for the team to win the match will evolve accordingly.

Live betting has its advantages and as the streaming technology makes considerable advancements, they are becoming more and more popular among bettors and sportsbooks alike.

Betting on Live CSGO Odds is more thrilling and at the same time provides you with a better insight on the outcome of the game.

Live betting also opens up new betting possibilities as some wagers will only be available during live matches.

CSGO as an esport

It wouldn’t be too far from the truth to say that the history of professional esports started with the first Counter Strike game.

The same thing, one could say about esports betting – as it was CS the title that introduced the first form of esports gambling – skin betting.

The first Counter Strike game, released in 1999 as a mod for the incredible popular Half Life title developed by Valve quickly raised to cult-levels thanks to its faced-paced gameplay that requires both strategy and skill.

It was the title that introduced instant kills, inventory management, guns and ammunition economy and the infamous spray patterns.

The game had several iterations since its first version, with two of the most popular versions being Condition Zero released by Turtle Rock Studios and Counter Strike: Source released by Valve Corporation and developed on the Source engine.

They were all well received by players and critics but their success was soon completely overshadowed by the release in 2012 of the fourth version of the title: Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

CSGO became the esports phenomenon it is today thanks to some great new features, an improved gameplay and the introduction of the matchmaking system. Combined with the increasing popularity of streaming platforms and the rise to top of the esports scene was assured.

How are CSGO tournaments organized?

A player looking to compare CSGO odds today will get more than a handful. Counter Strike boasts one of the largest and most varied professional tournaments scene with Major and Minor events and huge prize pools that can reach $1M.

Professional CSGO tournaments started being organized around 2013 and soon after major event organizers such as ESL or Dreamhack joined-in with sponsored tournaments that gathered thousands of attendees and millions of hours watched online.

Major events such as the, DreamHack, ESL One or the Intel Extreme Masters take place once or twice a year and are being sponsored by Valve. Between them, the game developer and third-party entities organize hundreds of Minor tournaments all around the world.

What are the official CSGO events?

There are hundreds of CS:GO professional tournaments taking place each year, divided into Majors (tournaments with a prize pool of $1M) and Minors (tournaments with a prize pool of $50K).

The Major Events are some of the most watched esports events in the world with hundreds of millions of viewers tuning-in to Twitch or YouTube to watch their favourite teams play. The CSGO major events also include special in-game features that allow fans to support the events and their teams. These are Stickers, Pick’em challenges and Souvenir Cases.

Stickers are part of the newly launched Major Championships and include player autograph and team stickers. Part of the money gathered from those stickers goes to the players and teams.

Pick’em Challenges represent an in-game competition where fans can buy stickers of teams and pick who will advance past certain stages or who will win certain matches.

Souvenir Cases are offers exclusive map based cases offered by Valve. These cases are dropped to random people watching live Majors games, on Twitch.TV, CSGO’s GOTV or Steam.TV

These are the Major CS:GO Tournaments of 2021:

Types of CSGO Bets

To be able to compare CSGO Odds one must first know the types of bets that bookmakers online include in their offering. This will vary from operator to operator but there are wagers that are usually offered by everyone.

Winner / Moneyline Bet

The simplest, most straightforward type of bet and the one our comparison tool will feature the most. In a moneyline bet all you have to do is pick a winner. To compare CS:GO odds for it means looking for the sportsbook that gives you the highest odds for it.

Handicap Bet

This is a more advanced type of bet usually offered by the bookmaker when one of the two contestants is considered to be at a disadvantage. Simply put, if a very good CSGO such as Fnatic competes against a newcomer, the bookmaker will place a handicap on Fnatic to make bets on the other team more attractive.

Totals / Over / Under Bet

Again, this is the type of bet that’s more suited if you have a bit of experience in wagering online or if you know the game and the teams very, very well. Why? Because in this type of wager you will not bet on the match result but on the outcome of a game variable. For instance, you can wager if the total number of Headshots in a match will be Over or Under a particular figure, chosen by the sportsbook.

Correct Map Score Bet

In competitive CSGO tournaments, the match format is always pits two teams of 5 against each other in a 30 round match. The first team to score 16 points will win the game so a Correct Map Score bet means wagering on the final point distribution for each map.

Odd / Even Bet

This type of wager is somewhat similar to the Under/ Over bet in the sense that you don’t have to bet on the match result. In this context, bet on the outcome of a game variable sum being an odd or an even number. For instance, the total number of kills during the game being Odd or Even.

How to bet on CSGO Odds

1. Register an account using a valid email address or sign in through one of the social media networks included
You can’t do much without an actual account, so the first step is rather straightforward – the first step in creating an account with any online bookmaker is to submit a valid email address. Optionally, you can use a social login if provided.

2. Check for a verification email in your inbox
Due to compliance and regulation rules, all online casinos or sportsbooks will require you to validate the email used to create an account and verify your identity.

3. Make a deposit using one of the payment methods available
Presuming step one and two of the registration processes went smoothly, you should now be able to login into your account and deposit some playing funds into your account. Most online operators will have a minimum deposit threshold that can vary from $10 to $20. Before doing this we also recommend having a look at the payments methods supported.

4. Select the match and team you want to bet on
Before jumping into the betting wagon we recommend you’ll have another look at our tools and make sure you compare the CSGO odds offered one more time. In online betting, odds are being updated in real time so a final.

5. Choose the sum you want to wager
After you select the first match you would like to bet on, a bet slip will pop-up containing your selection and an input field where you can add, change or remove you wager. The betting slip allows you to combine or modify bets and also to get an overview of any potential winnings if your team wins the match.

6. Place your bet and wait for the match result
Once you’re satisfied, all you have to do is confirm your bets and wait for the match to unfold. While you wait we recommend going through our latest industry updates for any info that might help you in the future.

Best betting sites for CSGO Odds

Now that you have the basics of how to calculate potential profits and the implied probability behind CS GO odds, the next step is to make sure you’re always choosing the right online bookmakers.

GG.BetGG.Bet is a well-rounded esports casino with a simple to use interface, a solid welcome offers and multiple bet options. Their commitment to the esports scene is translated into two sponsorships: they are the official partners of Fnatic and North.Play on
BetwayDon’t be surprised to find that Betway will come on almost every time you compare CS GO odds, as this traditional bookmaker is committed to win the esports punters community. Beside great odds, they are highly active in the tournament scene as the official betting partner of ESL.Play on Betway
Pixel.betOne of the newest sportsbooks, shifted, after being bought by LeoVegas, from an esports odds-only offering to a more traditional offering that includes slots and even live casino. Don’t let this discourage you the next time you’ll compare CS GO odds, as this small sportsbook can offer some solid marginsPlay on
helabetHelabet is also a new promosing name on the market. You can choose from a great number of esports titles, in case you don’t want to wager on CSGO. Helabet also has cool promos and good support system, ready to help you out when you need. Play on helabet

Best CSGO Players in 2022

CSGO is a title with many competitive tournaments in each tier it has. To be on the very top means dedication, fast learning and many hours played. Our top 5 best CSGO players takes in consideration last year’s results in teams and individual tournament competitions.


Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev, Ukrainian player who plays for Natus Vincere as the AWPer. 

He is considered one of the OGs of CSGO because he won 19 HLTV MVP medals, a Major, and an Intel Grand Slam trophy. He also has numerous other trophies from the most known CSGO Championships. Furthermore, he was voted the best player in 2018 and 2021, and got the second place in 2019 and 2022.

Some of the crazy competition he won alongside his team: 

  • BLAST Premier: World Final 2021
  • PGL Major Stockholm 2021
  • ESL Pro League Season 14
  • Intel Extreme Masters XVI – Cologne
  • BLAST Premier: Global Final 2020

According to Esports Earnings, S1mple is getting close to his second million of US Dollars made from esports tournaments. In the recent events, the player donated about $33,000 to Ukrainian Army.


Mathieu “ZywOo” Herbaut is a French professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player who plays for Team Vitality as the AWPer. 

He is widely considered as one of the best CS:GO players in the world ever since his breakthrough in late 2018, and he almost got the Best Player Award in 2021, but because of the overall team playing, he didn’t. ZywOu was also listed on 30 Under 30 Europe 2021: Sports & Games by Forbes.

In his career he got some outstanding prize and titles such as: 

  • Best player of 2019 by HLTV.
  • Best player of 2020 by HLTV.
  • 2nd best player of 2021 by HLTV.
  • Phenom of the Year 2019 by theScore esports.
  • 12 MVP prizes 


Nikola “NiKo” Kovač is a Bosnian Serb player for G2 Esports. He is Nemanja “huNter-” Kovač’s cousin. He plays as a Rifle and his incomes from esports are around $1,000,000 US Dollars. 

NiKo also has numerous titles and tournaments won, just like ZywOo and S1mple.  He was ranked as The Second Best Player of 2017 and 2018 and has 7 MVPs prizes by HLTV. 

NiKO holds the record for the most kills in a map at a Major after scoring 52 against FlipSid3 Tactics at MLG Columbus 2016.


Peter “dupreeh” Rasmussen, 29 years old, is the best Danish professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player. Currently, he is in Team Vitality as an entry fragger. He also played for Astralis, in which he has a core member since the beginning. 

His total income is almost 2 million US Dollars. By far his best year was 2018 when he got almost $800,000 when his team won: 

  • FACEIT Major: London, 2018
  • ESL Pro League Season 8 – Finals
  • ESL Pro League Season 7 – Finals
  • Esports Championship Series Season 6 – Finals
  • Esports Championship Series Season 5 – Finals
  • ELEAGUE CS:GO Premier 2018

Best CSGO Streamers to follow on Twitch

Another category of CSGO enthusiasts are the Streams. The most followed, watched and popular Twitch CSGO streamers in March 2022 according to Twitch metrics: 

Twitch NameFollowersTime Watched
Gaules3,300,27412,046,007viewer hours
s1mple2,999,772824,876viewer hours
Anomaly2,640,164157,891viewer hours
bysTaXx1,673,753312,701viewer hours
gafallen1,365,787496,378viewer hours
fnxLNTC584,806888,520viewer hours
Last Updated:


What are CSGO odds?

In CSGO betting, odds serve a double purpose: first to help you calculate any potential payouts from your wagers and second to help you calculate the probability for a certain event to take place. Let's use the following example to showcase both roles. A match between FaZe Clan (odds: 1.5) and Mousesports (odds 2.5). To calculate your potential winnings, let's presume a $10 bet on Mousesports. If you are correct, then your return will be $25 ($10 x 2.5). To calculate the probability for Mousesports to win, the formula is a bit more complicated: Probability % = (1 / decimal odds) * 100. In our case, the probability is: 40% as in (1/2.5)*100. When looking at a CSGO team's odds is better to first to try and calculate the probability before any potential winnings.

Is it legal to bet on CSGO?

Today is perfectly legal to bet on CSGO as long as the bookmaker holds a valid gambling license in your country. Across Europe, betting on CSGO is as simple as betting on Premier League Matches with all big operators offering at least a few major CSGO tournaments to bet on at all times. Across the ocean, in US, only a handful of states have legalized online betting, esports included, so make sure you check the regulations in your market and ensure the sportsbook you picked holds a valid license.

What is Skin Gambling?

Counter Strike GO was at the forefront of esports betting, with its now infamous skin betting. As some of the CSGO skins were considered more valuable than others, a real-money value was quick to follow and with it a steady stream of customers willing to pay a certain price for a given skin. This led to the creation of numerous betting websites that allowed their users to play with skins rather than money. Widely regarded as an illegal form of betting, skin gambling represented the use of CSGO skins as a replacement for real currencies in online bets or even on traditional casino games like poker, roulette. This soon attracted the scrutiny of gambling regulators across the world and led to Valve stepping in and taking action against some of these operators.

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