LOL European Masters 2020 Live Odds

LOL European Masters 2020 - Tournament Details

LOL European Masters is one of the top League of Legends tournaments in Europe, a twice-a-year epic showdown between the best teams that win their Spring and Summer splits in the 13 regional leagues.

The LOL European Masters Spring and Summer splits offer some of the biggest prize pools in professional LOL that sees a total of 28 teams battling  for the lion’s share of €150,000

LOL European Masters 2020 Teams

The teams qualified for the Spring Split of the LOL European Masters 2020 are:

No.Team NameRegional League
1.FC Schalke 04 EvolutionPrime League Spring
2.mousesportsPrime League Spring
3.Movistar RidersSuperliga Season 18
4.Vodafone GiantsSuperliga Season 18
5.Fnatic RisingUK LC Spring
7.MAD Lions MadridSuperliga Season 18
8.Team GamerLegionPrime League Spring
9.Cyber GamingHM Season 13
10.eSubaHM Season 13
11.For The Win EsportsLPLOL Split 1
12.Intrepid FoxGLL Spring
13.Electronik GenerationLPLOL Split 1
14.KentyBaltic Masters Season 4
15.PIGSPORTSBaltic Masters Season 4
16.BT ExcelUK LC Spring
17.ŠAIM SEEBL Season 6

LOL European Masters 2020 Format and Schedule

The Spring split of the LOL European Masters will start on April 22th and will end on 10th of May. The dates for the  Summer split are not official yet.

Both splits will have a similar format:

The Qualification round will see the top 28 teams from all the National leagues qualifying for the final event as follow: 12 teams will advance to the Group Stage and 16 teams will qualify for the Play-In.

The Play-In Group Stage will see the teams divided into groups of 4, playing Double round robin, best of 1 matches. Top 2 from each group advance to

Knockout Stage
First place from each group faces another group’s runner-up in Best of 3 matches. The winner of each match advances to the Group Stage.

Group Stage
Teams that reach the group stage will be divided into four groups and will play Double round robin, Bo1 matches. The top two teams in each group advance to the last stage, the Playoffs

The best teams in the tournament will face each other in a single elimination bracket. Quarterfinals matches are Bo3 Semifinals and Final matches are Best of 5.

Read more about LOL European Masters on the official website.