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G2 Esports continues its partnership with AOC in 2020

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Written by RetroGeek on 03 January 2020

G2 Esports confirmed an extension of their existing partnership with AOC in 2020, the two brands working on a series of new products for AOC’s lineup of gaming monitors.


G2 Esports confirmed an extension of their existing partnership with AOC in 2020, the two brands working on a series of new products for AOC’s lineup of gaming monitors.

G2 Esports, announced that their existing sponsorship deal with AOC will continue, the Taiwan-based company acting as the official monitor partner for the Spanish esports organization, currently based in Berlin

G2 and AOC have previously collaborated on the G2 Esports Signature Edition AOC monitor, a new take on the AOC G2590PX while the G2 teams have been practicing on the flagship AOC Agon AG251FZ 240Hz monitor. Additionally, AOC supported G2’s racing teams who got to hone their skills on the AOC Curved AG352UCG6.

“This sponsorship has inspired and helped us identify what pro players really need from their monitor, meaning we can provide the newest innovations to this exceptional team. We’re excited to see what the future holds as well as build on what we’ve already achieved together.”

– Stefan Sommer, Director of Marketing & Business Management at AOC International Europe

Who are G2 Esports’ official sponsors?

AOC, Aorus, RedBull, Lotgitech and MasterCard are – or have been – among the official sponsors of G2 Esports. The organization officiated their partnership with RedBull at the end of 2019 after previous collaborations on April Fools and social media campaigns and on-site activations.

With MasterCard, their collaboration revolved around G2’s League of Legends team and their presence in the LEC. The two brands created behind-the-scenes content to bring the #G2ARMY even closer to their favorite players and the payments provider sponsored a series of digital content that showcased G2’s 2019 LEC season.

With Aorus, the two collaborated on the Z390 AORUS MASTER G2 Edition motherboard where G2 Esports gave input on specific features, required functions, and aesthetic design.

About G2 Esports

G2 Esports is one of the leading esports organizations today, with a remarkable track record across multiple games. In 2019, G2 won LOL’s Mid-Season Invitational SK Telecom T1 and Team Liquid and finish 1st in LEC’s Summer 2019 stage.

In Rainbow Six, they are the Reigning World Champion, they won the Six Major Paris 2018, Pro League Season 8 (EU & Finals), DreamHack Winter 2018, and the Six Invitational 2019. In Counter Strike GO , G2 won the 2017 ESL Pro League Season , the 2017 DreamHack Tours and 2017 DreamHack Masters Malmö.

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