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League of Legends puts the Pro in POV

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Written by RetroGeek on 15 June 2019

Riot Games announced the release of their new LOL Pro View, a new premium viewing that brings individual players POVs to viewers’ screens.

Riot League of Legends Pro View

Just in time for its 2019 Summer Split, Riot Games announced the release of their new LOL Pro View, a new premium viewing experience that will allow users to spectate the individual players of their choice during competitive League of Legends matches.

League of Legends Pro View will give fans greater control of the way they watch the top League of Legends tournaments and the option to follow their favourite players through a suite of long-expected features such as:

      • Multiview: Provides up to four synchronized streams (POV or main event) at once during live games and VODs
      • Advanced Timeline: Monitor and navigate to Kills, tower takedowns and other big plays through the timeline interface
      • Watch With Friends: Share a personalized Pro View URL to synchronize your timeline with friends.

Riot Lol Pro View Specs

League of Legends Pro View will be available for both the LCS and LEC series and will give users the option to access either a specific series or all of them. The Regional Access pack will allow viewers u to use Pro View for a single League of your choice while All Access will allow them to use Pro View for both Leagues (LCS & LEC).

How much does League of Legends Pro View costs?

Of course, accessing Pro View comes at a cost but there are some good news behind this. In the press announcing the launch, Riot Games said that all revenues from Pro View “will directly support professional teams competing in our leagues around the world.” Buying a Pro View package will allow fans to support their favourite teams and allow the esports orgs to share in the success of LOL and grow.

The Summer Split will cost $14.99 (LCS) & €14.99 (LEC) and grant access until worlds. Future events will grant access to more content and, as a result, may carry a different price.

Don’t worry, watching LOL tournaments is still free!

If the Pro View doesn’t look like the thing to rock your boat, then you’ll be happy to learn that watching the top LOL tournaments is still free on and on your favourite platforms such as Twitch or YouTube.

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