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Bonus Abuse – What it is and How to Avoid it

Esports bonus abuse goes by many names: promo abuse, esports bonus hunting, bonus whoring, casino whoring, and bonus abusing.

Essentially, it’s all about finding marketing offers for new users and signing up for them multiple times or finding multiple ways to use them even if it’s considered a fraud. 

Sign-up offers are used in esports to attract new customers, but unfortunately, attract the eye of scammers as well. 

What’s considered a bonus abuse?

  • Creating Multiple Accounts
  • Multiple Bonus Applications 
  • Gathering / Saving Bonuses
  • Big Bet Bonus Abuse

What triggers a bonus abuse?

At the beginning of online gambling, there weren’t so many rules about deposits, limits, and winning. People could and did take advantage of this situation till the online gambling sites and casinos established rules. 

One of the first rules made was that the gamblers had to play a specific number of times before they could draw their winnings

In many cases nowadays bettors do not realize that their actions are forbidden but the guideline rules. The players that are new to the gambling area or fail to read all the requirements are the most likely to do this. Besides the esports bonus abuse, there are other reasons you could get your account closed. 

Some of these abuses are not illegal by the law, but they are certainly against the rules of the platform. 

Now let’s talk about all types of bonus abuse and how to avoid them. 

1. Creating Multiple Accounts

Bonuses, especially the welcome bonus, are limited to one person. Scammers tried using different family member names, email addresses, and different bank accounts. 

But they still get caught. How? 

Online esports betting sites have servers that see your IP address. If there are multiple users from one IP address the servers will alert the system. After that, the site will question you about that and decide if they close your account or not. 

If you are at the beginning and you are confused, remember this: 

Don’t place a bet only when the site has an active promo, or just don’t use it. 

Wager when you feel like it and have fun. Not using an offer doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money. If you want to place a bet when it is a promotion, you can choose not to use it. 

Don’t forget that once in a while you still have to use a bonus, but not monthly.

Some sportsbooks, like Rivalry, also have contests and offers from time to time. Here are applied other rules so you need to read them as well, but usually, you can participate in all contests. You just need to bet and earn XP points and you have chances of winning.

2. Multiple Bonus Applications 

As explained before, you can use the bonus once per account. Some players might try to claim the bonus multiple times. Sometimes they don’t get caught red-handed but after a time the system will get alerted. 

Thereafter they will get their account closed and they will not be able to withdraw their winnings. 

3. Gathering Bonuses

Some players try to save the bonus for a future wager. That’s not how online betting sites like bonuses to be used. 

Online betting sites are not a big fan of people that save or gather them to try boosting their chance of winning by using the saved bonus later. 

If you tried this once, it’s ok, but don’t try it again. The platform may not allow you to use any other bonuses or it will restrict your chance of using them. 

4. Big Esports Bet Bonus Abuse

Each bonus has its rules and a number of bonus funds. It may sometimes look like big-spending = big wager, but it’s not like that. 

All betting sites have maximum bet limits on bonuses, so just read the guidelines. Platforms use these bonuses so they can get new customers, or to make the old ones spend more time on the site. 

This is seen as an insult to the good faith of the provider, so 100% if someone does this repeatedly they will get banned.

What can you do to avoid being seen as an esports bonus abuser? 

  1. Always read the Terms and Conditions, do not assume that these are the same everywhere. Also, read every bonus’ guidelines and its rules.
  2. Don’t just make a deposit, claim the welcome bonus, place a low-risk bet and then try to cash out. Instead, you can try to use the bonus money in a more risky type of bet that you wouldn’t usually spend your money on. It’s a win-win and you’ll have some more experience with other types of bets.
  3. Do not try to claim a bonus more than once. 
  4. Always present relevant documents for player identification when requested upon cashout. 
  5. Bet every time you feel like it, not only when promos are available. In case you feel lucky only when a promo is on, just don’t use it when you place the bet. 
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Bonus Abuse

Can I reopen my account if it was closed?

It depends on the reason that the online betting site decided to close your account. If you opened a dispute and won it, because it was a mistake they made, you can reopen it. But it was some sort of abuse or violation of terms and conditions, you can’t. Besides not being able to get it back, you can’t open a new one on that site and on other sites that have partnerships with the initial one.

What is a bonus hunt?

Bonus hunting (also known as Bonus Bagging) is where players manage to obtain an advantage by accepting and playing with a sportsbook bonus.
This type of bonus hunting is often associated with Poker.

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