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How to avoid having your betting account closed

Do you like using the bonuses and promos from your favorite bookmakers? Everyone likes extra money and XP when it comes to betting, but be aware of overusing the offers and risking your betting account getting closed. 

Read our article about what things you should do or avoid, when you gamble on online esports betting sites.

Top reasons your account can be blocked:

  1. Promos or Bonuses abuses
  2. Not using promos or bonuses
  3. Middling
  4. You win too much
  5. Having multiple accounts 
  6. Wagering weird amounts of money
  7. Your performance
  8. Unsupported/restricted areas

Why do bookmakers limit/close accounts? 

1. Promos or Bonuses abuses

Every sportsbook has different kinds of bonuses or promos. The offers are there only to help you win more or gain experience points.  

888sport New Customer Offer
888sport New Customer Offer

Therefore one of the reasons why a bookie might limit your account is if you take advantage and bet only when there is a promotion or a bonus. It is very common for sportsbooks to have a large number of promos, but they will not appreciate the overuse of them. 

Promos are mostly to bring in new customers and to keep the current ones happy.

We wrote an article about this vast topic, make sure you read it as well.

Solutions: Don’t cross the line by only betting when a promo is active. 

Gamble/bet anytime you feel like doing it, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to prove that you wager outside the bonuses periods. You just have to wager! 

2. Not using promos or bonuses 

If the first reason was the abuse of promos and bonuses, the second one is about not using them at all. 

Professional gamblers usually don’t waste their time on bonuses and promos because they know their game bets. So this is considered a red flag by the bookie and can lead to a limited or closed account. 

Solution: Use at least 2-3 promos per year. 

You have to keep a balance between not betting only on promotions and not using them at all. You can do that by betting regularly and using at least 2 promos/bonuses each year. 

3. Middling/betting on both teams

Middling/arbitrage is the term to describe the act of betting on both teams. You can use this in some circumstances to have a profit by betting per each outcome.

Even if the circumstances in which you could actually use middling and win are very rare, bookies will not be a fan of you’ll do it every time you get the chance. 

The goal of middling is always to make a profit so that means a greater chance for the sportsbook to lose money. Therefore, they tend to identify and limit the accounts that use this method, to limit their loss. 

Solutions: Don’t use middling anytime you think it will work.

Middling is used by professional gamblers so if you don’t mimic that behavior, you’ll be fine. 

4. You win too much 

It sounds funny at first glance but it is true. This is the most popular reason why bookmakers limit and close accounts. 

Winning too much can be a sign of professional gambling and bookies are not big fans of them. 

5. Having multiple accounts / not verifying your account

Some gamblers will open more than one account (on different family members’ names) to use the best bonuses or promotions. This also applies to customers who don’t take the time to submit the correct KYC documents into their accounts.

A good example found on Gambling Cominity’s Forum is about an 888casino customer. The customer complained that the platform closed his account, but let’s see why. 

He didn’t verify his ID or birth certificate on the platform so the account had been closed. 

Over the years sportsbooks developed tools that help them see the duplicated accounts and close them. The first one you might think of is the IP address that can show them the location but there are more tools to help them.

Besides risking the duplicate betting account being closed, the sportsbook most likely will also limit the first account as well.

Solution: Only use your account, always verify it. 

The way to avoid this is rather simple. Don’t create multiple accounts with the same operator and, more importantly, don’t ever use anyone else’s identity to gamble. This is not only not permitted by the operator, it’s illegal. If you want to diversify your wagering or want to try various betting strategies, you can always open multiple accounts with various betting sites.

6. Wagering weird amounts of money 

Professional bettors know how to calculate down to a penny, so they end up placing frequent wagers at weird amounts. 

Weird amounts are a non-rounded amount, such as $1.43 or $9.81. 

Since sportsbooks are not fans of professional bettors, as they tend to cost them money in the long haul, they will identify the betting accounts with these types of wagers and limit or close them after some time.

Solution: Bet with rounded amounts of money

Look at the odds, think about your bets, do your calculations, and then round the amount.

7. Your performance 

Sportsbook will notice if you are a professional gambler and they most certainly will limit or close your account. Professional gamblers will be on the site only to wager and then they will log off, so their behavior is a bit different. 

Solution: Spend time on the site 

In order to make a good bet, you have to look at odds and offers, details, and most probably the match itself. It’s a step you take anyway to make sure you win, so just keep doing it.

8. Unsupported/restricted areas 

Every bookie has countries that allow it to work there with its license and countries that have special laws that limit gambling. Every online betting platform has a list of the places they operate legally. Usually, the site also warns or restricts you when you try to log into it. 

For example, 22BET operates under a regulated gambling license through Curacao. 

However, 22BET’s license does not permit 22BET to operate in about 62 countries, including the U.S. or France. 

For example, this bettor gambled from a restricted area and his betting account closed.

Solution: Don’t bet from a restricted area 

Research what bookies operate in the area you live in and don’t risk your betting account getting closed. After you made sure that the bookmaker has can function there, take a look at their license and be sure everything is alright with the site. Don’t ever try using different VPNs for online betting, it is illegal and it can lead to serious law problems. 

And don’t forget that this rule applies to your holiday as well. If you are visiting a country that has gambling limitations. Don’t force things and wait for you to get into a non-restricted area. 

Are bookmakers even allowed to block your betting account?

Yes, they are allowed to and they will. Their business focuses on money, so they have to be sure that everyone is safe and fair. There are no laws that ban or deny a sportsbook the privilege to limit and close accounts and even not to payout.  

Can you get your betting account back after it got closed?

Some casinos allow you to reopen the account, depending on the reason why it was closed. In order to do so, you have to contact them by email or phone. You can also open a case on dedicated sites like Resolver UK

We recommend you try at least one method and be patient. 

Dos and Don’ts for your betting account

Use some of the offers, promos, or bonuses.Don’t use all of them or none at all.
Wager regularly. Don’t wager non-rounded amounts of money.
Spend some time online researching your next bets and odds.Don’t just wager and log off.
Use only one account.Don’t skip verification steps. 
Try multiple, accepted types of bets to see which one suits you better.Don’t try middling too often.
Research the functioning areas of the bookies.Don’t bet from prohibited countries.

So you can avoid your betting account being closed by keeping a balance between using and not using the promos, having a normal presence, and by wagering rounded amounts of money. 

Now that you know all this and you have no other worries, you can go and bet!

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Closed Betting Account FAQs

How do the bookmakers verify my betting account?

You need to upload/send:
1. Photo of your ID/ passport
2. Payment ID: Most of the time you’ll need to prove that you own the payment method you used for deposits or withdrawals.
Usually, a betting site will ask you for these documents, which can confirm you are a real person. After the verification, you can use your betting account without any problem.

Can I use my betting account abroad?

It depends on the bookie you have your account on, and the place you are going. If the bookie has a license in that country, you can bet without any problems. If the sportsbook has restrictions on that area, it is illegal to bet.
Usually, if you try betting from the sportsbook’s app, they know the location of your device and will forbid your access.

How can I close my esports betting account?

Usually, closing your betting account is easy. You have to open your profile in “My Account” and scroll through until you find the 'close your account' tab.
You can also contact the support team of your bookmaker and ask them to close your account for you.

Can I share my betting account with a friend?

Most sportsbooks won't allow you to do so. Each bettor has his own account. Even more, in some states, such as California, this is an illegal act.

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