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Overwatch Betting Odds

Overwatch Odds started popping-up on most betting sites as soon as the first edition of the  Overwatch League was announced. Blizzard’s first FPS was created with an esports audience and purpose in mind, with 12 professional teams taking part in OWL’s Inaugural Season, in 2018.


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Find the best Overwatch Betting Odds

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Trying to replicate the setup of traditional city-based teams, the Overwatch League  uses a franchising model, with each team  representing a city.

In 2020, 20 teams participate in the OWL and players can find betting odds for team such as Boston Uprising, Vancouver Titans or London Spitfire. To compare Overwatch Odds from top betting sites online, check the table below.


Overwatch was and still is an innovative game, combining FPS style with the MOBA tactics. Each champion is different with a unique set of skills, standard skill and one ultimate skill, usually dealing the most damage. 

This makes the title a bettor’s favourite, providing unique markets and betting opportunities. 

Blizzard launched Overwatch 2 this year on 26 April, with new challenges and more content.

What betting markets are available for Overwatch odds?

Pre-match Odds

Pre-match Overwatch betting odds are the easiest to understand. These are the ones that bookies set some time before the match/tournament to start. These are the ones that you can see and compare in our table above. They get closed when the match starts and are usually set only on the match winner.

Live Betting

Live betting on Overwatch odds starts right after the match is on. These types of bets are a bit more complex to follow up if you are new. The betting markets are constantly changing due to teams’ progress in the game. Even thought they are more fun and more exciting, you should definitely be careful and start betting with small amounts. Live-betting on Overwatch offers you more types of bets and markets, but less time to determine whether they are worth or not. 

What types of Overwatch bets exist?


Outright bets are simply wagers made on the result of an entire esports tournament. For example, if you wanted to make an Outright Winner Overwatch League bet, you would predict which team will take the title in this year’s championship. 

Total kills 

Total kills aka total frags is a bet on the player who gets the most overall kills at the end of the match.


In Overwatch, you can bet on what player will win the Most Valuable Player award after the match.

Rounds won

Rounds won is a bit more complex to bet on, and not many bookies will have this type of wager. But you can wager on how many rounds will a specific team win. 

Overall objective score 

A bet where you choose which team will score the most points on objective based game modes.

How to bet correctly on Overwatch

  1. Don’t have unrealistic expectations, you are at the begging.
  2. Watch video from reputable streamers, and understand the game play and how the game works.
  3. Don’t go with the internal flow. It’s hard not to bet with your heart, but it’s the best to put logic first.
  4. Impartiality and reason may be the key to betting success
  5. Read reviews about sportsbooks and decide the one with the best odds for your betting plans.
  6. Know your esports inside-out. 
  7. Try betting with few selections at first.

What Overwatch tournaments are the most important in 2022?

Overwatch League

Overwatch League (OWL) is the premier professional esports league for Overwatch, organized by Blizzard Entertainment since 2018. The first season, in January 2018, had 12 teams and expanded to 20 teams for the 2019 season until today. 

Read more about Overwatch League.

Overwatch Contenders

Overwatch Contenders (OWC) is a series of professional Overwatch tournaments held around the world. The championship is a series below the Overwatch League that gives aspiring pro players a chance to be seen. It takes place since 2017 and this year’s prize pool is $1,300,000.

Read more about Overwatch Contenders.

Where can you find the best Overwatch betting odds?


Rivalry is an online esports and sports betting platform from Toronto created in 2018. It is licenced by the Isle of Men Gambling Authority.  

Rivalry offers new players esports bonuses all year long, event promos and different types of quests. It also offers a user-friendly designed and safe platform, more than 10 esports and 24/7 support.


22BET is a European sports betting website established in 2017. It operates under a Curaçao licence and holds 3 other local licences. 

One of the best things about 22BET is that their chatbox for support is multilingual in, so no language barrier can stand in front. Costumer service is fast, RTP is great and the Welcome Bonus is pretty cool. 


GG.Bet is one of those bookies that make you stay. At the first interaction, you’ll notice how intuitive the site is, and you’ll find everything you need there.

GG.Bet has its main focus on esports and even organize esports competitions. Whether you’re an LoL or an Overwatch fan, you’ll find the game you love and some good betting odds for it.

Who are the best Overwatch Players in 2022?


Sung-hyeon “JJoNaK” Bang is a support player for New York Excelsior. Well, for him, support player is not the actual work that he is doing. He is known for his particularly aggressive playstyle within the support role. JJoNaK is mostly known for is out-DPSing the DPS players while using Zenyatta. 

JJoNaK has an outstanding aim and positioning, he has consistently outperformed some of his DPS teammates.


Yang Jin-hyeok is a Flex DPS player for Shanghai Dragons. His signature heroes are: Pharah, Sombra, Hanzo, Doomfist, and Echo. 

 Some achievements of Shanghai Dragons with DDing as a Flex DPS are: the first place in the 2019 Overwatch League Stage 3 Playoffs, the 2020 Overwatch May Melee, and the Overwatch League 2020 Countdown Cup. 


Jae-won “Lip” Lee is another DPS playing for Shanghai Dragons. He plays a wide range of heroes like Sombra, McCree, Hanzo, Ashe and Reaper frequently. He was named the MVP of the OWL Championship last year. 


Min-chul “IZaYaKI” Kim is a South Korean Flex Support player currently playing for the Shanghai Dragons.

IZaYaKI has a reputation of destruction even thought he plays as a Flex Support. He is one of the most deadly Zenyatta and Ana players, while also managing to heal and help the team.


Many people consider Jong-ryeol “Saebyeolbe” Park one of the best Tracer players in the world. He masters McCree, Reaper, and Sombra and can switch to other heroes if needed as well. Saebyeolbe currently plays for the Seoul Dynasty as their flex DPS player.

He debuted in the OWL as a player for New York Excelsior. With him in the rooster, New York Excelsior managed to achieve incredible performances such as winning in Group Stage with a fantastic 34/6 match record.

Who are the Top Streamers?

The following accounts are, currently, the most followed and watched on Twitch. If you want to keep being updated, learn new tricks, or watch the matches, make sure you follow these streamers: 

How do I play Overwatch?

To play Overwatch you need to register on battle net creating an account is free, but you will have to buy the games. Battle net is a platform for games, like steam and epic store.

Few games are free to play, for example Hearthstone and Starcraft are free to play, but other games have a tag price: Overwatch, Diablo and many more.

Don’t worry if you prefer not to buy the Legendary edition, you can upgrade the standard edition whenever you want. 

Overwatch been out for a while, that translate in many game modes to play, with many classes to chose from.

Being a mix of MOBA and FPS, in Overwatch you find that classes are defined by their play style and what role they are. 

You can play as a:

Tank if you want to mitigate damage or provider assist in front lane.

Offence to deal the most damage in your team.

Defence they are the Tanks from the back, protecting the base or just covering the back, so you won’t get flanked.

Support to heal and help your teammates, buffing the power or the defence.

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Where can I bet on Overwatch?

Most traditional sports-books and betting sites offer Overwatch Odds during any major tournament such as the OWL or Contenders events. Betting sites such as Unikrn, Rivalry, Betway, 888Sport, Thunderpick, have Overwatch in their esports odds offering.

Is betting on Overwatch legal?

If you're over 18 (or 21 in the United States) and currently reside in a jurisdiction where betting sites are legal and regulated, then betting on Overwatch is legal. As advice, it is best that before you start wagering, you check if the sports-book you choose holds a proper gambling licence.

Where can I find the best Overwatch Odds?

It's hard to point a specific site when it comes to finding the best odds to bet on as odds will tend to fluctuate before the match starts due to several factors. Our best advice is to look for an odds comparison tool such as the one offered by us and see where the best odds can be found right now.

Is Overwatch free to play?

Overwatch have two prices depending on the package you want to have.
Standard edition cost $20 and gives you the base game without any extra loot boxes or skins.
Legendary edition cost $40 and give beside the base game you will get 5 epic skins and many others in game content.

How is Overwatch different from other esports?

In other games, the play style is focused on FPS style or MOBA style, but Overwatch is a combination of the two. Players have to be equally good at both.

Is betting on Overwatch worth it?

Yes, if you choose a good bookie and bet following some basic wagering rules, you can make the most out of it. Keep an eye on Overwatch when the Overwatch Contenders or League tournaments are in playing and decide whether it’s worth it for you or not.

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