Top 10 esports organizations in 2019

The Best Esports Organizations In the World in 2019

If gambling on esports is something new to you, here’s a short list of the top esports organizations with at least 2 game divisions.

Fnatic Esports LogoFnatic

If there is one team that managed to replicate the success and popularity of a traditional sports team that is Fnatic. One of the largest and most respected esports organizations, Fnatic has several game divisions, the most profitable ones being the CSGO, Dota 2 and League of Legends. Their LOL rooster constantly manages to reach the top 3 in any tournament they participate so it’s worth keeping an eye on them throughout the year.

FaZe Clan LogoFaZe Clan

As a predominantly shooter-focused org FaZe Clan managed to win some major CSGO tournaments in 2018 including Epicenter 2018 and the Blast Pro Series: Miami 2018. Their commitment to shooter titles looks to be a focus in the future as well if we’re to trust their investment in both PUBG and Fortnite. FaZe clan are always a safe option for a bet, especially i a tournament’s early stages.

Evil Geniuses

There’s nothing evil about this North American esports org, but there’s plenty of talent to go around. Founded in 1999, EG is one of the oldest professional gaming organizations in the world. Under the EG umbrella we find several esports roosters, from Dota 2 to Rocket League or Street Fighter. Their most successful team remains the Dota 2 rooster that managed to reach the 3rd spot at The International 2019.


It was always a matter of time until a traditional sports club decided to launch their own esports division and today there’s more and more of them. None as successful as the one born out of the partnership between French football club Paris Saint-Germain and Chinese esports organization LGD. With one of the best Dota 2 roosters of the moment, PSG.LGD managed to reach the grand final of the TI 2018, ultimately losing the match against OG. Beside Dota, they also maintain Rocket League, Fifa and Brawlstars roosters.

Team Liquid

Team Liquid is not only one of the most successful esports orgs of 2018, but also one that managed to distribute its earnings across not one or two titles but several. Surprisingly, Team Liquid’s Fortnite team managed to win over $1M last year, surpassing even their colleagues in the CSGO division. Thanks to their good run at The International (and the tournament’s huge prize pool), Dota 2 earned them almost half of the total sum won at all tournaments. This year, they managed to reach the finals of the MSI 2019, finishing second after a 3-0 defeat against G2.

Some sort of disclaimer:

We know there are plenty of other teams that are not showing up in the list above. Astralis, OG or Vici Gaming also boast some fantastic results and great form in 2018 but we don’t consider them proper esports organizations as they only tend to focus on one particular game – Astralis is the best CSGO team of the moment but it doesn’t have any other rooster except the (amazing) CSGO one.