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Danish esport organization North shuts down all its operations

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Written by RetroGeek on 07 February 2021

After only four years, the Danish esports organization North ceased all its operations disbanding it’s CSGO and Apex Legends rosters.

Danish esport organization North shuts all its operations

After only four years, the Danish esports organization North ceased all its operations disbanding it’s CSGO and Apex Legends rosters.

Key Takeaways:

  • North has announced its closure through a press release posted on the official Football Club Copenhagen (FCK) on February 5th
  • Investors Parken Sport & Entertainment and Nordisk Film stated that the main reason for the closure was effect on the experience industry of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.
  • North operated several professional esports roster, including an Apex Legends squad, FIFA players, and a top tier CSGO team. The fate of most of its players is unclear.
  • North’s FIFA division will continue to exist but will operate under F.C. Copenhagen brand.

North Esports is no more. The Danish organization has announced it ceased all its operations effective immeditately due to difficulties from the global pandemic.

The announcement was made by the org’s two main investors Parken Sport & Entertainment and Nordisk Film.

The two companies mentioned that following a decrease in resources available and an unsuccesful search for new inverstors, they will pull their investments from the esports teams and focus on their core businesses.

The exit only applies to the team’s CSGO and Apex divisions. FC Copenhagen will retain North’s FIFA roster in order to continue being part of the eSuperliga.

In the 5th February press release, Lars Bo Jeppesen, chairman of North and director of Parken Sport & Entertainment commented:

“We are of course sorry that we now have to close the Danish-based e-sports company North, which has left a nice mark on international e-sports. […]. We have searched the market to get one or more co-investors on board the project, but have unfortunately not found the right match. It will require significant continued investment to create a sustainable business in the future and therefore we believe that the sole responsibility for our overall business is to focus all our focus on our core business in FC Copenhagen, Parken and Lalandia, just as Nordisk Film will focus on its large core and growth businesses”

Lars Bo Jeppesen

About North Esports

North Esports was founded in January 2017 as a CSGO team with the surprising signing of the former roster of Team Dignitas.

The team had some great results the following year, most notabe of them was the fantastic results in two DreamHack tournaments: the Open in Valencia and the Stockholm Masters.

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