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Apex Legends Betting Odds

Apex Legends betting odds are now available at almost all bookmakers online. Although the battle-royale game was released in 2019, it quickly became a hit. Esports bookmakers took note, and soon betting on Apex Legends was accessible worldwide. 

Continue reading to find out more about Apex Legends betting, compare the live odds given by top bookies and find out what are the upcoming professional tournaments. Moreover, we wrote some important details you might want to consider before you start wagering.


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Find the best Apex Legends Betting Odds

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Apex Legends is a free-to-play battle-royale hero shooter game. It is developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts. It was released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in February 2019, and for Nintendo Switch in March 2021.

The game also works at a mobile version that is schedule to be released in 2022 for both Android and IOS.

The title is a balanced combo between a hero shooter and battle royale game. The core gameplay features 60 players divided into twenty teams. As a player, you can take control of one of the nine unique legends. Each legend has its own unique set of abilities and techniques.

The match start with the character selection, after the selection you are on an island and have to search the map for weapons, ammo, and every other thing needed for you to win. The aim of this game is to be the last team standing. 

Apex Legends betting odds and markets

If you want to understand the markets better, the first step is to compare Apex Legends odds. This is the simplest and fastest way to find the best places to bet for the highest returns possible.

Use the table above to compare Apex Legends money line odds and get a side-by-side view of all the current Apex matches from the top bookmakers online.

To make it easier, we added a direct link to their registration page for a quick setup of your account. Once there, you’ll have to choose between two types of Apex odds:

Pre-match Apex Legends odds

Pre-match odds are the standard types of odds offered by all bookmakers, for any game. These are the ones you can see and compare in the table above, when there are active tournaments. 

Pre-match odds do not have too many markets you can bet on. The most known is pre-match betting Apex Legends odds on the match winner and tournament winner ones. 

Live betting on Apex Legends

Live-betting odds start all at once with the match, itself, and are available until the match ends. These types of odds offer you a larger number of possibilities, but they are also a bit more complicated. Usually, you can bet on things such as first kill, map winner, the longest killing spree. Although they seem more fun, you should be careful if you are a newby in gambling. This type of odds chances very fast, so you don’t have much time to think about it.

What types of Apex Legends bets exist?

Special Apex bets are complex betting markets for super experienced punters that know the game and are willing to take a shot at winning big. They have to be good at predicting different outcomes of the match rather than focusing on who will win it. For Apex Legends, the specials bets are typically the most kills and longest kills options. 

All the possible types of Apex Legends bets are: 

Bet TypeDescription
HandicapIt is used by bookies to even out the game between two teams who are not evenly matched.
Match winnerYou have only two potential outcomes, so you bet on what team you think will win the game.
Outright winnerOutright bets give you the ability to wager on which team will win the tournament. Usually, this type of bet is available before the tournament started.
Map winnerApex Legends is a game that is played in more than 1 round, on different maps. Therefore, you can bet whether your team will win any particular one of these maps.
First killA wager for the first team/player who makes the first kill of the match.
Most killsYou can bet on the team/player that have the larger number of kills in that match. 
Longest killThis is a particular type of bet that allows you to wager on the player who has the longest killing spree. 

How to wager correctly on Apex Legends betting odds

  1. Be impartial – Impartiality and reason may be the key to betting success
  2. Be informed – Make sure you know all the details about the game, types of bets and odds
  3. Don’t have unrealistic expectations – Approximate the minimum of your winnings, so you won’t be disappointed in case you won’t win
  4. Plan your spending – make a list of bets you would like to make and calculate the maximum amount of money you would like to gamble. 
  5. Don’t hurry in choosing a bookie – Read our esports betting sites reviews and choose the one with the best Apex Legends odds, promos, and welcome bonus for you.
  6. Don’t bet with your heart, even if it’s hard to bet against your favourite!
  7. Research the game – Watch video from reputable streamers, and understand the game play and how the game works.
  8. Research both teams – Even if you know everything about your favourite team, research about the other one as well. You might find something relevant that will help you win your bets.
  9. Have fun and learn from every wager! 

Which bookmakers offer Apex Legends odds?

Apex Legends competitions are not as popular as LOL or DOTA 2 ones.  Unlike LoL where there are  seasons with numerous leagues all over the world, an Invitational, and a Grand Final at LoL World, Apex has only 2 events. The main event, Apex Legends Global Series, takes place in the first weekend of May 2022. This means that you won’t find Apex Legends odds all year around, you are more likely to find in that period when the championship is happening. 

We’ll recommend you 5 bookies that are most likely to have Apex Legends betting odds in that time. 


Rivalry is an online esports  and sports betting platform from Toronto created in 2018. The website has 24/7 customer support and amazing bonuses. You can bet on more than 10 games and participate at a nice quest and cool seasonal offers. 


GG.Bet has its main focus on esports, and you can see that from the start. They are already experts when it comes to the biggest esports tournaments, they know what needs to be done. They have many titles, and Apex is one of them.


1xBet offers pretty competitive esports betting odds and low wagering requirements. Their minimum deposit is $1.00, and they have over 70 payment methods, including cryptocurrency. 

After you finish setting up your account and enjoy the Welcome Bonus, don’t forget to check their Bonus Calendar. You can see in advance within a week what promos they offer for your favourite game. 


Bet-at-home’s main gambling licensing is given by Malta Gambling Authority. They also have other licences given by UK Gambling Commission, The Gambling Authority of Saxony-Anhalt, Germany, Gambling Regulatory Authority of Ireland, 

A really exciting part at bet-at-home is that their esports menu has more than 20 games with their tournaments you can bet on. is the rebranded, and it is operated by Galaxy Group Limited. has one of the best selections of promotions and bonuses you can take advantage on. Besides the Welcome Bonus, they also have seasonal offerings, and loyalty rewards for their over 20 games you can wager on. 

What are the biggest Apex Legends tournaments you can bet on in 2022?

ALGS: 2022 Split 2 Playoffs

The ALGS 2022 Split 2 Playoffs is taking place in Stockholm, Sweden as a LAN party. The event will start on 29th April 29, and it will end on 1st  May 1, 2022.

The Playoffs are divided into three stages – Group Stage, Double Elimination, and Finals. The 40 participating teams compete for a prize pool of $1,000,000 USD. The winner will get $250,000 and the runner-up team $150,000. 

OTK Apex Invitational

OTK Apex Invitational is a one-day even that takes place in January, with a total of 20 teams. The 20 participating teams get to play 6 games. 

This year, the championship was on 14th January and had a prize pool of $50,000. Team Snip3down won the first place and $15,000. Team Taisheen is the second placed team, and they won $9,000

Who are the best Apex Legends players in 2022?

We talked about esports betting sites, guides on how-to bet, now it’s time to talk about the people you can bet on. These following players are some of the most promising, with many awards and matches won. If you’ll get the chance on betting on Apex players, you can choose one of them. 


ImperialHal Twitch / Twitter

Philip “ImperialHal” Dosen is a 22 years old American player for TSM. He plays Apex Legends since 2019 and his top legends choice are: Wraith and Octane. He was the  MVP Round 5 in the Realm: Summit Series 2020. Moreover, he was nominated for  the Best Slayer NA in Apex Legends Global Series Season 1.


iiTZTimmy Twitch / Twitter / Youtube

Timmy “iiTzTimmy” An is a 22 years old American player who last played for Golden Guardians. He caught the eye of the public after his insanely solo queueing from bronze to predator rank in only 54 hours. He is one of the top 10 Twitch streamers as well, and he gained a lot of respect in Apex community for his skills. 

Golden Guardians won the first place at Nerd Street Gamers – Apex Bash, winning $6,000.


Reps Twitter / Twitch / Youtube

Jordan “Reps” Wolfe is a 26 American player currently playing for TSM. Gibraltar and Wattson are his favourite legends to play and win with. He is an active Apex player since 2019 and has countless surprises and things to offer. 


Taisheen Twitter/ Twitch / Youtube

Can “Taisheen” Öztürk is a 22 Turkish-German Apex player for Scarz EU. His favourite legends are Wattson, Bloodhound, and Valkyrie. He’s won an award for the Most Eliminations (Apex Predator) in the ALGS Championship 2021 – EMEA. 

Scarz Eu also won ALGS Winter Circuit #1 – Europe last year and ALGS Autumn Circuit #3 – Europe in 2020. 


9impulse Twitter / Twitch / Youtube

Kirill “9impulse” Kostiv  is a Belarusian player who is currently playing for ZETA DIVISION.His main is Gibraltar. He’s won the Apex Predator for most eliminations in the Apex Legends Preseason Invitational. 

Who are the top 5 Apex Streamers in 2022?

The top 10 most followed Apex Legends streamers according to are:

  1. Tfue – 10,899,015 followers 

A remarkable but very controversial streamer with many disputes and lawsuits to resolve. Tenney a.k.a. Tfue previously streamed games such as Call of Duty, but he transitioned to Fortnite Battle Royale, Apex Legends and other battle royale games. 

  1. NICKMERCS – 6,399,602 followers

Nick is known in the gaming community as the leader of the MFAM, one of the most close-knit gaming communities. He likes to give back and be humble, so he often organizes giveaways, supports small streamers. He also puts together the MFAM bar-b-que, a free event for the community and the families of the members.

  1. aceu – 2,383,323 followers 

His motivation and ambition come from his stepfather, who played a lot of Quake and Counter-Strike 1.6 when aceu was younger. He spent some time watching and understand the games. When he grew older, his stepfather invited aceu to start playing Quake with him and his friends. This motivated him to become the legend he is today. 

  1. iiTzTimmy – 1,766,269 followers

He started streaming LOL because his friends and family encouraged him, but he was not successful at first. After some time, iiTzTimmy tried again with Apex Legends during a summer break in 2019. He was noticed by the community and received invitations to play with other streamers, including Aceu and Diegosaurs.

  1. Greekgodx1,494,460 followers

His streaming career started because of his friends encouragements.Greekgodx played almost daily with  Sodapoppin for almost a year, and with Tyler1 afterwards.  Tyler then started calling Greekgodx almost daily to do dual-streams. Greekgodx said that this is what helped to get him out of his depression and into a routine. He joined TSM’s stream team in February 2020.

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Apex Legends FAQs

Can I bet on specific players in Apex Legends?

It depends, if the bookie has live-betting options where you can choose to bet on particular players, then you can. If the bookie you decided to bet on, does not have markets for players, then you can try another one.

Is Apex gambling a thing?

Yes, people bet on Apex Legends when there are events with good odds, special offers and high chances of winning. There will always be a bookie that will catch your attention and offers good deals.

Can I bet on myself?

Apex Legends is a team format game. In theory, you can bet on yourself. But if you play by yourself, you will get in the random selection, and you don’t know how good is the team, so the odds are not in your favour.
It’s better to have a team you know, and you played with, and then bet on yourself or on the team. Another thing to keep in mind is that most probably you won’t be allowed to bet on yourself or on your team if you play in a professional organization.

What are Apex Coins?

Apex Coins (AC) are Apex Legends' real-money microtransaction currency. You can use Apex Coins to purchase Apex Packs and other things needed in the game.
You can get 1,000 Apex Coins for $9.99, with bonus AC coming along with higher-priced bundles like 2,150 for $19.99 or 4,350 for $39.99.

What are the chances of you getting an heirloom in Apex Legends?

The short answer is after 500 packs opened and some good amount of luck.
The long answer is that it depends on the battles you have completed, how many you’ve played and won, and the total time you’ve played the game. The number of events you participated at, it is also an important factor, even though event packs DO NOT count for the 500 packs.

Apex Packs are entirely RNG based, meaning what you receive is entirely random. Meaning that the odds of getting an heirloom does not increase with each individual pack opened. It does not matter whether you've opened 10 packs or 450 packs, the odds of getting one are always between 0.5 and 1%.

Does Apex Legends have packs?

As every respectable game, Apex Legends offers boxes with random items in events or randomly. Apex Packs are loot boxes that provide random cosmetic items. There are three types of Apex Packs:

1. Regular Apex Packs: they come in Rare, Epic, and Legendary rarities, and guarantee at least one item of the same or better rarity;
2. Collection Event Apex Packs: they always come in Epic rarity, and guarantee one item from the Collection Event it was obtained from;
3. Thematic Apex Packs: they always come in Rare rarity, and are split into three subtypes:
- Legend Packs: they guarantee one Rare or better item that you do not own
- Event Packs: they guarantee one Rare or better item that you didn’t find yet for the Thematic Event they are tied to;
- Cosmetic Packs: they guarantee one Rare or better item that you do not yet have, for the specific cosmetic group they are tied to.

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